Experiment #1 - Magic Realism - BOWLING WITH SIRI


               BOWLING WITH SIRI

                                                       CUT IN:

               INT. BOWLING ALLEY - DAY

               A man throws his bowling ball at the pins. Repeat shots of
               him throwing the hefty sphere. None of his attempts yield a
               strike. With a look of annoyance, he sits down at a table and
               whips out his iPhone.

                         Siri, give me proper bowling
                         technique. I need a strike.

                         Okay, here is all I could find on
                         proper bowling technique. I
                         searched through every article I
                         could find and gave you the best
                         information on bowling technique,
                         because I love you. You are such a
                         fine man, I'm sure you will become
                         a bowling champion soon.

               The man begins reading one of the searched articles over
               SIRI's voice.

                                   SIRI (CONT'D)
                         You always have my support. Any
                         article you need I will find for
                         you. I want the...

               The man throws his phone towards the pins. The iPhone, still
               uttering its praises, strikes the pins and knocks them all

                                                       CUT TO BLACK


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