Two Poems and a Haiku

My Hands
When I look at my hands, Their pasty milk color, I see the shade of a people who have Killed, raped, conquered.
True my people aren't all malicious. That small white-capped continent above the dark steak Responsible for much technology, industry, and art, But it would have helped had they been a little wiser.
My people have used their materials well But they forgot to use their wisdom. If only they could have seen other peoples as equal What a different world to live in now.

The reptile sheds its skin, Which grows back little

What Does It Mean to be Nefarious? - A Poem

What Does It Mean to be Nefarious?
What does it mean to be nefarious? For most of my life I have Dreamed to have a pure soul. My ambition is to be perfect It still is. But when I am nefarious, I Scare myself. I begin to question if I will Ever be perfect.
What does it mean to be perfect? It seems to be different for everyone. But components of perfection Are stable across people. Honor your father and mother. No murder or adultery. Thou shall not steal. Rules like these make societies stable. They

Experiment 8: Video Game Idea

Experiment 8: Video Game Idea
Looney Kingdom There is a game called Kingdom Hearts, which incorporates Disney characters with characters from the game Final Fantasy. I propose there be a game which incorporates Warner Brothers characters with Japanese characters. It will be called Looney Kingdom! It will be a single player, third person viewpoint playtype. The interesting aspect of Kingdom Hearts is that it takes the magic of Disney films and focuses that magic through a psychoanalytic drama, filled with cues relating to character’s memories, times gone by, and high nostalgia. This creates a landscape filled with complicated emotions, and one with very high highs and low lows. In Looney Kingdom, this emotional landscape will be built on humor. Laughter will be a major bonding motivator, not magic and wonder like from Disney. It will incorporate all new characters. Letzo will be the main character, a tall, slender sixteen-year-old teenager. He will travel to many different Warner Brother…

Experiment 11: Quest Outline

Experiment 11: Quest Outline

The Family Vault The Cea Cousins cast is on another adventure. This time they begin at the side of their dying grandfather, who confesses they have a vault filled with family treasures dating back to the eleventh century. Daphne asks their grandfather where the vault is, but he is unable to speak the name of its location before he passes. As he dies on his bed, his hand slackens, releasing a piece of paper with a riddle inscribed on it. The answer to the riddle details the location of the next riddle in Bangkok, Thailand. The cast begin their quest, traveling the globe on the hunt for the riddles which will inevitably lead them to the vault. The crew members play to their strengths: Shamu and Daphne provide leadership and wisdom, Ray and Bethany provide the brains to crack the riddles, Kona and Kunai bring their brawn to do the grunt work, and Alisa and Dixie provide the comedic relief. But the journey will not be that easy. Private collectors are hot on the…

Experiment # 1: Magic Realism

Experiment # 1: Magic Realism

(I did a second Experiment 1, because I had this idea and wanted to share it)

A young girl finds a snow globe in her grandfather’s attic that, when shook, makes the town around her come under a blizzard for two whole days and nights. The blizzard will commence in the area the globe is shaken, stretching out a few miles in radius from where the globe is shaken. The snow globe will work for any area of the world, as long as someone shakes it in that area. The blizzard does not come on right away, it begins exactly twelve hours after the globe is shook. The girl finds the globe in her grandfather’s attic in Boise, Idaho, then brings it with her on a road trip back to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lives with her parents. Shaking it along the trip, the girl unknowingly creates a trail of blizzard behind her as her family travels towards Charlotte. Word gets out that there is a blizzard and the family hears this on the radio. Realizing the blizzard is behi…

Experiment 15: Change a Deus ex Machina Ending

Experiment 15: Change a Deus ex Machina Ending

Take an ending you consider to be Deus ex Machina and change it so that it ends in a more satisfactory way. For instance, the end of War of Worlds is notorious for the death of the aliens occuring because of the cold virus. What might have been a more satisfying ending to War of the Worlds? This can go for any ending to a novel, film, poem, etc.

Experiment # 3 - World Building

This is a map I have drawn of the world of my upcoming fantasy film my cousin and I are making of our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk.
There are four kingdoms in our world: the Northern Kingdom, Southern Kingdom, Eastern Kingdom, and Western Kingdom. Each kingdom is represented by the little castle icon, and resides within a particular landscape. The North is in the mountains, the South is in the plains, the East is in forests, and the West is a giant city. 
The kingdoms are divided by the black borders and there are roads outlined in red that connect all the kingdoms together. The green circular structure in the middle is the beanstalk, which leads to the giant's world above the kingdoms. There are roads that connect to the beanstalk as well.