Experiment # 2 - World Building

This is a map I have drawn of the world of my upcoming fantasy film my cousin and I are making of our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk.
There are four kingdoms in our world: the Northern Kingdom, Southern Kingdom, Eastern Kingdom, and Western Kingdom. Each kingdom is represented by the little castle icon, and resides within a particular landscape. The North is in the mountains, the South is in the plains, the East is in forests, and the West is a giant city. 
The kingdoms are divided by the black borders and there are roads outlined in red that connect all the kingdoms together. The green circular structure in the middle is the beanstalk, which leads to the giant's world above the kingdoms. There are roads that connect to the beanstalk as well.

Experiment #1 - BOWLING WITH SIRI

BOWLING WITH SIRI CUT IN: INT. BOWLING ALLEY - DAY A man throws his bowling ball at the pins. Repeat shots of him throwing the hefty sphere. None of his attempts yield a strike. With a look of annoyance, he sits down at a table and whips out his iPhone. MAN Siri, give me proper bowling technique. I need a strike. SIRI Okay, here is all I could find on proper bowling technique. I searched through every article I could find and gave you the best information on bowling technique, because I love you. You are such a fine man, I'm sure you will become …